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Punisher Max #2 Review

August 11, 2010 by admin  
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Wow this new Wilson Fisk is F@cked up seems to be the point of the newest issue of Punisher Max #2. Jason Aaron and Steve Dillon seem to be taking the max title and pushing it past the levels of decency. This issue for as disturbing as it is, is an enjoyable read, that is if you don’t mind disturbing content…which again this issue has in spades.

This issue’s primary focus is on Wilson Fisk as he begins putting his plan into action. This issue has numerous flashbacks to Wilson’s disturbing past and truly shows the pure darkness of Wilson Fisk. The Punisher has little time in this issue as he is trying to put together who the mysterious kingpin is, but still continues to be the bad ass he is known for.

Jason Aaron is the writer of this issue and creates a truly chilling take on the character of Wilson Fisk. Aaron spends most of his time delving into Fisk’s life, through his flashbacks and through his execution of his fiendish plan. Aaron does a fantastic job of making Fisk a despicable person, but still giving him some humanity so that readers can identify with him to a point. With it this bit of humanity, this issue would be a disturbing and unenjoyable read, luckily this is not the case. One of the biggest shifts of Aaron writing the Punisher is the lack of Castle’s narration or really . This change has added a kind of silence between panels that works with the story that Aaron is telling. The dialogue carries the story and is well executed. Overall the writing on this issue is excellent and well worth a read.

Steve Dillon is the artist for this issue and continues doing an excellent job especially in handling some of dark flashbacks of Wilson Fisk. Dillon’s art isn’t afraid of showing everything in explicit detail. His handling of the more disturbing content is done to make sure the reader cringes. With his art the reader really enters into the characters mind, this of course is accompanied with the writing, but they both work in harmony that gives the reader insight and understanding into what the characters are feeling.

Overall I enjoyed this issue, but just like the first issue this is for mature readers only!!! I would also say it is for those readers who can deal with violence and other disturbing issues. I greatly enjoyed this issue and will definitely pick up the next issue.


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    Ever read Scalped?

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