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Entertainment Roundup with A.C. Hall

September 28, 2010 by ac  
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Of all the things I admire in this world passion is among my favorite qualities.  I hold a belief that if you can’t find some sort of passion for the things you’re doing then you’re doing the wrong things.  So when I come across people who display incredible amounts of passion I always take notice.  And this is certainly the case with the band Quiet Company.

I’ve met these guys before during the course of doing a feature on them for the newspaper I work for here in Texas.  The lead singer and overall band architect Taylor Muse has a passion for his music that is so visible, so vocal, that it’s hard not to be moved by it.  This Texas band has toiled for years and years, with the band lineup shifting several times and Muse working tirelessly to do whatever it takes to get his music heard.

Often times in the music industry all the passion and hard work in the world isn’t enough to find success.  A shocking gimmick will get your foot in the door long before talent will and too often bands like Quiet Company struggle on unnoticed and underappreciated before finally calling it quits.  However, sometimes there are exceptions, even in an industry as stunted as the American music industry, and it seems that Quiet Company is poised to be that exception.  The band has found their popularity in Austin growing and a few months ago were selected to be a featured band on the web offshoot of legendary live music show Austin City Limits.

Called Austin City Limits: Satellite Sets, the web series features up and coming bands performing in an intimate setting.  It has all the charm and feeling of prestige that Austin City Limits has, and Quiet Company did an awe inspiring job.  

Taylor Muse at the ACL taping, copyright ACL.

Over the course of five songs the band covers so much musical and emotional ground.  It rocks, rolls, swings, sways, and anything else amazing music can do.  The final song, “On Modern Man”, is a classic Austin City Limits performance, standing shoulder to shoulder with the many great moments that have taken place on the program.  If the moment when twenty or so audience members come on stage and sing along at the 2 minute mark of the song doesn’t move you then you’re just not living right.  It’s an inspirational moment, a reminder of what transcendent power music can hold.

To see the entire performance for yourself CLICK HERE.  And no matter where you live do what you can to help these guys.  Buy their albums, go to their shows, tell your friends about them, call your radio stations, email Austin City Limits about how much you loved their performance.  This band has worked long and hard enough, I’d like to see all of that passion and hard work rewarded and we as fans can make that happen if we lend our proactive support.


To close us out this week I thought we’d go with one of my favorite legendary performers.  Neil Young is about 147 years old and yet the guy is still creating some lasting, haunting, meaningful songs.  Guys like this really don’t exist any more these days.  Let’s face it, Uncle Kracker or Lady Gaga aren’t going to take the place of guys like Neil Young.  Young is a holdover from a different age, and when he’s gone there won’t be many more like him left.  This is his new song, “Love and War”.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO.


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