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I Feel Sick #1

September 28, 2010 by miav  
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The mind of Jhonen Vasquez must be a strange and surreal place, filled with jagged and slimy representations of everyday objects, twisted until you have to either laugh or cringe or just refuse to accept them . Filled with the splashy colors of “Invader Zim” and the disjointed dialogue of “Johnny the Homicidal Maniac,” this two-part mini-series doesn’t offer anything new to the Vasquez universe, but does give more of the stuff that fans have learned to love (and loathe).

Devi is an artist with a bit of a paranoid streak. Her apartment is secured against the rest of the human world (though that world keeps busting in on her) but that doesn’t make her life secure enough to keep her away from things from another world. In fact, she’s pretty sure one of her paintings is talking to her, and perhaps even trying to take over her life. Not that her life is all that great. She can’t seem to get a date with a nice (or human) guy and her job painting sci-fi book covers may just be sucking the soul out of her – literally.

It always amazes me to read a really slick, professional book that only took one or two people to create; it makes me wonder sometimes why books from companies like Marvel and Dark Horse need so many staff members. Not that I have anything against them, I just like to give credit where credit is due and SLG has made a pretty impressive list of great books done with minimal help. “I Feel Sick” is printed in glossy full-color and created almost entirely by Jhonen Vasquez and Rosearik Rikki Simons. While “Johnny” and “Squee” worked well in a black and white format, its always fun to see the Vasquez-verse  in a harsh variety of in-your-face colors – even if black is still the most used of those colors.

The characters in “I Feel Sick” screech and yell and mumble complete nonsense from one panel to the next, and as you read you never really feel like what you are reading is reality. Yet some of the scenes are so profound in their exposure of the darker undercurrents in the real world that its almost a little too creepy.  Its almost a relief to reach the last page and look away from that cynical, pointed world that you have been introduced to, and gaze back at the soft, normal world you’re used to.

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