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Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 8 #37

October 11, 2010 by miav  
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By Joss Whedon, Georges Jeanty, and Scott Allie
Dark Horse Comics

It’s coming down to the wire in “Buffy, Season 8.” The Big Bad has been revealed, Buffy has new super powers, the gang has all been assembled, and there are only three more issues (after this one) until the grand finale. I haven’t been this excited about a finale in a long time. And unfortunately, its not just because I want to see how this story arc ends. “Season 8” has dragged on for a long, LONG, time. There were a few interesting side stories and a couple of smaller baddies for the Slayer army to fight against, but mostly the focus has been on Twilight and who it is and what exactly it wants. And while that big reveal was surprising, it was also a little disappointing.

So the Scooby gang has met up with Spike on his giant insect powered space ship and they are all headed back to good old Sunnydale to save the seed of all magic. Even though Buffy just had amazing, universe-spawning super sex with Angel, she’s already thinking dirty thoughts about Spike that leave her feeling a little confused. Angel himself is off fighting the demons that his little tryst with the Slayer Prime brought forth into the world, while the remaining activated slayers are doing their best to protect humankind and save their shoes from too much demon goo. The world is going crazy and everyone knows it, especially the Scoobies who have to go back into the Hellmouth and confront some demons of the past in order to save the future. Basically its just another apocalypse season in the Buffy-verse.

Things are moving quickly now that the end is in sight. Players are set up for some love triangle action between Spike, Angel and Buffy (and if one of those guys gets to run off with Slayer Prime I’m hoping it will be Spike because Angel whines too much), a traitor has been set up to take a fall, and the new universe created by super human super sex has been explained – kind of. Honestly I’m finding things with the new universe and the old universe and the Seed of all Magic and Buffy being a Superman-style super hero a little confusing (even with Spike’s awesome cork from a bottle speech). Is Angel a bad guy or not? Why exactly is everyone so mad at Faith? Is the new universe a good thing or a bad thing? Has that even been explained? And what is up with Willow and her visions of the green snake chick? I really hope answers to my questions are upcoming because I’ve stuck with this series from the very beginning, bought each issue as it was released and read them like a good little fangirl, and I’d hate to feel betrayed by getting to the end and not having things I’ve wondered about for all this time explained.


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